Monday, 25 June 2012


A month ago when I was walking in the village, I wasn't sure what had been planted in the field behind the church. I am so glad I went back to see what was growing,  a field of pale lilac-pink poppies.

The footpath goes right through the middle,

poppies almost as far as I could see.

The flowers look so delicate

as the sun shines through the petals.

I noticed a single wild poppy, it looked a bit overwhelmed by the competition.

These poppies are opium poppies and are grown for the production of morphine and codeine and are grown under contract to a pharmaceutical  company who control the harvesting and processing of the crop. The drugs are produced from latex extracted from the seed head and the poppy seeds themselves are used in the food industry. There can be many thousand seed in each seed head - thats an awful lot of seeds in these fields!

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