Monday, 2 July 2012

Copenhagen holiday

A few photographs from our recent short holiday in Copenhagen. It was just the two of us and we had three full days to fill. We took in the tourist sights

and then wandered through some quieter streets

and got a different view of the city from a canal boat.

The second day we took the train over the Oresund bridge to Malmo in Sweden.

It was a national holiday and there were lots of people in the town shopping, eating and relaxing in the town squares.

Good food

warm sunshine

and very pretty gardens.

Back in Denmark, on our last day we left the city to explore the coast. We stopped at an old fishing village which is now full of exclusive houses and expensive boats.

There was a beach

for paddling

and a colourful village shop that sold ice creams

which we ate looking over the misty sea towards Sweden.

A peaceful break, very different from family holidays trying to find activities to suit everyone. We have a family holiday planned for the summer and after that I might think about another one just for two!


VintagePretty said...

Ah, you saw Sweden at Midsommarhelgen too! Glad you had a nice time. Copenhagen is on our list of countries to do, but as Sweden so holds our fascination at the moment, we tend to gravitate there. My mother would love to see the Oresund bridge because it is where they filmed The Killing and she's very into Scandinavian crimes (who isn't nowadays?).

Have a good week :)

willow said...

We weren't actually there at midsummer, I took a while to sort through my photos. We were there on June 6th which is "Sweden's National Day".
I would love to be anywhere in Scandinavia but especially somewhere above the arctic circle on midsummer day but as I work in a school it has to be school holidays. Copenhagen was great but comparing it with Malmo, i think I preferred Sweden, it seemed less rushed but then again it was a bank holiday.

Heather L. said...

It looks like a beautiful place to visit! So nice to see the sea. We are quite landlocked in the Midwest. Right now our temperatures are skyrocketing. It is to be 108F today. That is HIGHLY unusual for us. Especially since it has been over 100 most of the week. Farmers are losing their crops and we are wondering what the effects on the economy will be......

Yes, we are so excited about our Scotland trip! We have found the perfect house in the countryside to rent! we thought about driving south and staying a week in the south of England but it seemed better to stay put in Scotland. I'm still thinking about taking Rachel to Wales to see an old friend....I will let you know if I will be closeby!