Saturday, 29 September 2012

garden visiting

A sunny weekend day to enjoy the very end of summer in a garden. These photographs were taken at West Green House. I visited the day before it closed at the end of the season but there were still plenty of flowers and colour.

Lots of bees and butterflies too.

In the vegetable garden flowers grew alongside vegetables, all neat and tidy with box hedges

and fruit arches.

There was more box in the Alice garden, this time some clever topiary, a teapot

and a very cute teddy bear.

The lake and meadow was less formal and felt peaceful and calm.

This is the paradise garden with fountains and white bark birch trees, a simple space

in complete contrast to the hen house which was very elaborate and stylish, just like the hens themselves.

Finally just a glimpse of autumn colour reflected in the lake.

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Journey Authentically said...

Absolutely gorgeous Willow!