Tuesday, 16 October 2012

here in October

Autumn seems late this year, the fields have been ploughed all ready for next year, but the oak trees are still green.

Berries and seeds are in the hedges and verges. I picked blackberries earlier this week but that will be the last batch, its getting late in the year now and they have lost their flavour and are soft and watery. Perhaps the devil did spit on them on Michaelmas day.

The beginnings of some autumn colour, the sycamores are often one of the first to turn.

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sweetmyrtle said...

i noticed this too today, that many trees are still green with only ntouches of changing colours. Has't it been a gorgeous day today, with lots of sunshine. I really need the sunshine at the time of year.
wishing you a lovely week, love Ginny x