Thursday, 13 December 2012


Its has been cold, at least its been cold for here. Yesterday morning it was -5.5ºC (22.1ºF).  The frost on the twigs, leaves and cobwebs looked like little sharp needles.

I rushed outside to take some pictures before they disappeared but I needn't have hurried as the temperature stayed below freezing all day.

It has been quiet as well as cold and with no breeze everything has been very still. Just over a week to go until the shortest day, the winter solstice this year is 11:11am on Friday 21st December (GMT).

When the boys were young, this time of year was always so busy with Christmas and end of term activities, now they are grown I can enjoy the quietness of the season.

I remember when we had chickens, how late they would emerge from their hen house and how early they retired for the night during these short days. Most animals slow down at this time of year when the temperatures are cold and the daylight reduced. I wonder if we should follow their example instead of trying to live our lives at the same pace all year round regardless of the season.

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Journey Authentically said...

Beautiful as always Willow---brrr is right over there! Hope you're bundling up with your knitting and some warm cups of tea!