Saturday, 11 May 2013

apple blossom time

We have four apple trees in our garden, a Bramley for cooking, a crab apple which makes lovely crab apple jelly and two dwarf trees of the eating apple varieties Discovery and Sunset.

The trees are all in blossom at the same time which should mean we get good pollination though the weather is dull and wet today and I haven't seen many bees.

The four different varieties have slightly different blossom. The Bramley buds are dark pink opening to pale pink petals with darker pink undersides.

The crab apple "John Downie" is pure white.

The Discovery has a slight pink tinge to the petals

and the Sunset has pink buds and very pale petals.  

It is such a lovely time of year in the garden and there is the promise of fruit to come later in the summer.


VintagePretty said...

Ahhh, some of my favourite things: apple trees and apple blossom! We saw quite a bit of this on holiday last week in Wales. It's glorious stuff. My mother used to have a Bramley, a Jonagold and a Discovery - all glorious apples. I think that they are one of my favourite fruits, along with pears, plums and greengages. It looks like you'll have a bumper crop!

I always thought it a bit strange that pear blossom smells unpleasant, whilst apple blossom has a sweet, honeyed smell to it.

Tash at

Elizabeth said...

Those first tree blossoms are always some of the best. They just let you know that the world is waking up! Glad you're enjoying them :)