Thursday, 23 May 2013

late spring in my garden

A few pictures from the garden this week. The bright yellows of early spring have been replaced with soft pale pink, blue and white.

There are traditional cottage favourites like forget-me not, London pride, bugle and granny bonnets (aquilegia). I have tulips for the first time this year and am already planning where to plant more for next year. The apple blossom is almost over now, only the pure white crab apple left.

The garden seems to change day by day at this time of year and I like to photograph each stage, in a few weeks time there will be a completely different set of plants in flower and a new set of pictures.


Elizabeth said...

I feel like most years we're going through the seasons at the same time, but it seems like this year your spring is maybe later? LOVE tulips. They are one of my favorites. So glad you are enjoying them and will be planting more!

Alice and Ginny said...

your garden is looking so beautiful.
gorgeous photos too.
hope all is well with you and your boys and that you are enjoying this glorious weather. It finally feels like it has properly turned now and i optomistically predict 6 months of Summer to match the 6 months of winter we had! lots of love G x