Friday, 11 October 2013


Time for a knitting update. The top down Icelandic Sweater is progressing very slowly mainly due to me knitting the sleeve for the third time. The first time I decreased too quickly to try to get rid of some of the bagginess at the top of the sleeve, the second time I followed the pattern exactly but then found I needed and extra three or four inches in length and it was still narrow. This third (and final!) time I am decreasing every 10th round instead of every 6th which should spread the decreases out and mean it doesn't get too narrow before it reaches my wrist.

I am still enjoying the knitting but am beginning to lose patience with sleeves.

Next a silk scarf that has been left for years in an almost finished state. I finally got round to finishing the last six inches and washed and blocked it. The very fine silk is soft which will be comfortable but I prefer the crisper look of blocked wool lace knitting.

Finally a skein drying on the line. I spun this from a small amount of Corriedale roving. The coulourway was spearmint. I am pleased with it and as I only have 100g think it is destined to become a scarf.

I must get back to the sweater now. I want to finish the sleeves by the time I go to my knitting group at the end of the month, I was knitting a sleeve last month and I want to feel I have made some progress!


Heather L. said...

Oh your Icelandic sweater is just beautiful! Such lovely colors and pattern! I hope you get it finished soon!

Heather L. said...

Thanks for giving me the name of crocosmia! I looked it up and we are in the right zone for planting it so I will definitely try to find some bulbs in the spring (assuming that is when I should plant it). I think I may have to mail order them as I just have never seen them in any gardens that I know of. It will add so much color to my garden and I know my sister will want some too. (by the way she was so inspired by your Icelandic sweater that she knit one herself! I am quite jealous of it!)