Friday, 22 November 2013

Autumn colour at Stourhead

This is likely to be the last autumn colour post this year. We have had a couple of frosts and the remaining leaves will be falling soon.

Last weekend we spent a few days in Devon to celebrate our Silver Wedding. On the way we stopped at Stourhead garden.

The weather was dull and I think we missed the peak of the autumn colour but it was still very beautiful.

It was one of those quiet days that you sometimes get at this time of year, almost as if everything pauses for a while as autumn slowly drifts into winter.

Such a peaceful place to spend some time.


VintagePretty said...

A lovely set of photos from a very beautiful place! Congratulations on your Silver Wedding anniversary, I hope you had a wonderful time away together. It does seem that winter has really arrived, though it's not yet as icily cold as I imagine it will be soon. Oh joy! With any luck, though, it won't be as cold or as long as last winter (here's hoping!)

Best wishes,

Tash from

Elizabeth said...

Happy Anniversary (belated as it is at this point!) and I hope it was a very happy one. :) One of the things I most love about your pictures is just how much that truly evoke the emotion behind the camera of peace and contentment. They are always beautiful, but for just a moment when I look at them I can envision being there in the stillness of the moment and the quieting of the soul. It's absolutely wonderful.

willow said...

Thank you, Elizabeth.