Saturday, 21 December 2013

Christmas tree

Early yesterday morning when I was hanging out the washing before it was light, I noticed out little Christmas tree blown over... again. It has been so windy lately that this poor tree has spent most of its time horizontal. I stood it upright before I went to work.

In the afternoon I brought it inside and left it by the back door to dry a little. This is the fourth year we have brought it inside at Christmas and its beginning to look very straggly.

Today I moved it into the lounge and decorated it - it still looks a bit straggly but I've become quite fond or our "wonky" tree.

Today is the solstice, the darkest time, a pause between the shortening daylight and the lighter days to come. I have had candles burning most of the day, evergreens and light brought inside the house to remind us of the returning sunlight and longer days.

Happy Solstice for today

and lots of good wishes for a Happy Christmas.

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VintagePretty said...


What a lovely sight - peaceful and calm. I'm not surprised that your tree has taken a beating in this weather, it's been very windy this year and things certainly aren't getting much better with today's ghastly storms. I think it looks wonderful, regardless of wonkiness - it just gives it character.

I hope that you have a lovely Christmas and a very happy New Year.

Best wishes,

Tash from