Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy New Year

Happy New Year. I am a day late but January 1st was dull and grey and yielded not a single photograph. Today we saw blue skies and white clouds, a much more fitting start to the new year.

Christmas is cleared away now, the Christmas tree taken back out into the garden to rest and recuperate after its time inside. It is mild today so the change in temperature wasn't too great.

The photograph below is the only one I took during Christmas week, a brief time of calm in the middle of the stormy weather, a bit like the holiday really - time to pause, a break from regular routines.

Working days have started again and we feel we are returning to normal after the holidays. Much as I enjoy the break from the usual routine and having everybody at home, I am always ready to return to the rhythm of our ordinary days.

Wishing everyone a peaceful 2014.

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