Friday, 7 February 2014

February photo challenge, days 4 -7

day 4 - slow
Now that we only have one car, I spend more time walking. Walking is great for slowing down, moving at a pace that you actually get a chance to look at the surroundings rather than glimpse them rushing past the car window. In todays fast paced world, walking is slow.

day 5 - delicious
 Black coffee and dark chocolate, a wonderful combination and with 85% cocoa solids, the chocolate is practically a health food (ahem).

day 6 - golden
 The winter jasmine has been flowering for several weeks, a bright patch of gold in the sunshine.

day 7 - texture
There were many things I could think of for "texture" but in the end went for this silvery grey oak bark caught in the pale wintery sunshine.

This month I am joining Tash at Vintage Pretty for the February Photo Challenge.


Heather L. said...

I keep reading about winter jasmine -- I think Beatrix Potter had it in her garden. I wonder if it grows here?

Dark chocolate is the best! I always keep some on hand. :)

I really miss walking. All this snow and the dreadful cold make it difficult for me as well as because of my allergy to cold. Oh well. I have been doing some short exercise videos in side, which is good, but not inspiring like walking outside in nature. Looking forward to that.....

willow said...

Winter Jasmine is a great plant to brighten up a winter garden. I planted mine soon after we moved here so It must be almost 20 years old. Bright golden flowers over the dullest, coldest months of the year - brilliant. I think it does best in a sunny spot.