Tuesday, 18 February 2014

February Photo Challenge

I have missed out a few days but here are some photographs from the past week.

day 14 - joy
After the grey wet winter we have had here, all signs of spring bring joy. We have lived in this house for over twenty years and although I haven't spent much on the garden, I usually buy something small a few times a year. After all these years all these little plants and bulbs have grown and each year its great to see them coming back to life in the spring.

day 17 - close up
 Even tiny little plants look amazing when viewed close up.

day 18 - pale
Last Saturday we spent a morning with elderly family. Before driving back home we stopped and ate a picnic lunch in the car looking out at the New Forest.  This landscape looks pale, lots of soft colours, a little pause before it turns green again in the spring and summer.

This month I am joining with Tash from Vintage Pretty in the February Photo Challenge.

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