Sunday, 2 March 2014

February Photo Challenge

I know, we are into March now, but I lost the plot a little with the photo challenge towards the end of the month. I found I didn't take photographs that fitted the prompts during the month and ended up posting some holiday snaps from last summer. Even so I missed out on some days. It was good to do this challenge with Tash from Vintage Pretty and interesting that we had similar approaches to some of the prompts though I don't think she missed any out like I did.

I am going to end with the last two days and again I am using photographs from last years holiday.

day 27 - me
There I am hiding behind my camera. After our escorted tour of southern Iceland, we had a few days on our own in Reykjavik. My husband wanted to go whale watching and I spent some time on my own exploring the town.
I walked, explored, took photographs, visited bookshops and the farmers' market, drank coffee, had a picnic lunch, looked at knitting wool and drank more coffee - all very "me" activities.

In case you are wondering what I was photographing, here are some pictures of the amazing Harpa building, a concert hall right by the harbour in Reykjavik.

It is a stunning building, both form the outside

and on the inside.

day 28 - reflection
This picture was taken the same day as I was waiting for my husband to return from his whale watching trip. It was a lovely warm sunny day and I chose this photograph to remember the warmth of the sun in the midst of our dull, grey, wet winter.

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