Tuesday, 18 March 2014

spring garden

We have just returned from a weekend break. I will post some pictures but at the moment I am still sorting through a ridiculously large amount of photographs from just three days away. I remember the days of film when I would have considered a 36 print film more than adequate for a weekend away, yet  I have several times that number to sort through. Something to think about, whether to take fewer pictures so that "sort through photographs" doesn't turn into a time consuming chore on a to do list.

On the other hand the ease of taking many photographs means that I am happy to record the changes in the garden through the seasons, something that I wouldn't have done in as much detail if I was paying for developing and printing.

I took the photographs earlier this morning, a few days before spring officially starts and already there is plenty of colour in the garden, a refreshing change after the dull, grey winter.


Heather L. said...

I cannot believe your garden!!!!! I feel completely left behind in the dark. My daffies are only up one inch!! We are so behind, but of course always behind you no matter what the year. Your garden looks amazing! It must bring so much joy to your day!

willow said...

Thank you Heather.
We have had a very mild winter and everything is early. I am very pleased with the garden this year, As I have said other years all the hyacinths in the garden are bulbs that I used to buy for the boys, one each every year and after they had flowered indoors I planted them out. There are so many now it makes me realise how long we have lived here (22 years) - thats a lot of hyacinths.