Monday, 19 October 2015

family visiting

Down to Devon this weekend to visit my parents. Now both in their eighties they prefer visits of just a couple of hours duration. It is a long way to go for a short time so we made a weekend of it travelling down after work on Friday and staying for two nights in a hotel.

On Saturday morning, after a leisurely breakfast, we walked along the promenade at Exmouth and looked round the town and marina.

 It was a quiet grey day with the sea very calm.

We stopped for coffee at the Waterfront Cafe, a good place to enjoy excellent coffee while gazing at the sea in comfort and warmth.

After a rather chilly picnic we went to see my parents in the afternoon. It was nice to see them and at the moment they are still coping with living independently. We are not sure how long this will be the case though and once again I wish there wasn't so much distance between us. I am not sure we see the true picture when they will only see us for a brief visit and my father certainly looks tired from coping with my mother's short term memory loss. It is very sad as I know it is a situation that will only deteriorate.

I have started reading Sally Magnusson's book, Where Memories Go, it is not an easy book to read and I find I only manage to read a few pages at a time but I think it is a subject we all need to know more about especially as people are living longer and as a consequence more are suffering from cognitive decline.

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