Tuesday, 26 April 2016

April showers

Plenty of April showers this year. Last night we had a hail storm around 3am. I stood at the window and watched it, the hail was coming down so hard and fast. This morning there were pockets of white hail stones in the gardens and on roofs. I hope any blossom hasn't suffered too much.

These photographs are from a few days ago when I took an early walk after a night of rain.

Sparkling water droplets in the sun

although some of the flowers look a bit bedraggled

the plant equivalent of a "bad hair day".

Always grateful for the showers though, so much fresh green growth, the countryside seems to change daily in April and May.


Candyce said...

Lovely photos! I did smile at the "bad hair day" one....too cute.
I always enjoy your blog posts and love your walks!

Wendy @ The contented Cavern said...

Hi what lovely pics we actually had snow today can you believe it?

willow said...

Thank you. We had a short burst of hail/snow when I was walking this afternoon, luckily short lived and followed by sunshine. All the seasons in one day!