Thursday, 28 April 2016

recent sock knitting

One of my resolutions this year was to use up some of my odds and ends of sock yarn. I made some gloves and mitts, now I am concentrating on more socks.

My first "leftover socks" paired some left over variegated yarn with some plain green that I really wasn't sure I'd ever use. In the main body of the sock I knit two rows of colour followed by one row of green then using more green than colour for the toe, heel and cuff. The "leftover socks" are on the right next to the originals.

For the next pair I chose left over blue and pink sock yarns plus a little scrap of Jamieson and Smith 100% wool and decided to incorporate a some fair isle to keep the knitting interesting.

I am pleased with them although doing fair isle with two variegated yarns doesn't produce crisp patterns but a hint of a pattern which I quite like.

I started these socks in February and there are some hearts hiding in there.

Below, the original socks made with each of the three yarns that were combined in the fair isle socks.

On the needles at the moment - I am using up some black and small amounts of two completely different coloured yarns. There are many different colour combinations appearing as I knit.

Three pairs of socks for free and a slight reduction in the yarn stash.

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