Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Winter Blues?

I'm feeling a bit bogged down at the moment.

At home, I seem to be racing around chasing my tail just keeping up with the routine tasks around the house. It seems to be all I can do to bake and cook faster than the food gets eaten, do laundry faster than the clothes get worn and as for keeping the house tidy - well you don't want to know!

I also feel overwhelmed by the bigger picture -environmentally, ecologically, state of the planet etc etc. There seem to have been so many reports lately stating how serious global warming is and how important it is to start making changes now yet governments are still planning airport expansion programmes, people are still flying, buying things that aren't neccesary and eating food that comes from the other side of the world! I don't get it. Why isn't anybody listening? What is so difficult to understand? If I work hard to cut my electricity usuage, does it make any difference, really, when if I look up I can see the planes from Heathrow flying overhead, one after another, the whole day long.

Its half-term next week so that will be a change of routine and after that it will be nearly spring and I hope to feel more cheerful!

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