Tuesday, 6 March 2007


I am tidying again today. It has rained so much lately and the ground is so waterlogged that I can't do any gardening and I've run out of other excuses!

I am having a lot of difficulty getting rid of stuff at the moment. When I started work and lived in shared houses I could take all my possessions with me in the back of a VW Polo, well sometimes when I moved it might have taken two journeys, but it was still a lot less than I have now.

There are all sorts of things I find difficulty geting rid of. Take, for instance all my university notes which are in boxes in the loft.

When did I last work in a field related to my degree? Just before my first child was born and he will be seventeen this year.

Is there any information in the notes that I couldn't get from other sources if I needed to? No, probably not.

How many times have I looked at them in the last say ten years? Maybe twice and then only to show the boys that in the "olden days before computers" Mum wrote out all her notes longhand!

So, why can't I get rid of them? I don't know perhaps its some sort of identity thing, a link with the life and job I had before I had children.

You are now probably getting somew idea of why this is taking so long. I need to become a bit more ruthless and throw out without thinking too much. Any tips on how to do that would be welcome!

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