Friday, 2 March 2007

Last Wednesday

After enjoying the account of Burdockboy's day posted a few days ago, I thought I would have a go too.
My day is last Wednesday which is a non-working day for me ( decided I might be thought a bit odd taking photographs at work).

In the kitchen at around 6:30am drinking tea and making packed lunches.

After husband and youngest teenager have left for the train, I wake eldest teenager, put on a load of washing and weigh out ingredients for bread rolls for tomorrows lunches.

Around 8:30 am I give eldest teenager a lift to school and then stop off at the allottment to dig leeks for tea.

Back home to hang washing out, drink coffee, check emails/read blogs, bake rolls and start making bolognese sauce in the slow cooker.

Next the boring bits cleaning, washing up and generally tidying followed by a sandwich for lunch. Then, more cooking, making ice-cream and bread.

I will post this very easy ice-cream recipe another time, its so yummy it would be mean not to share!

More bread, this time using the breadmaker, teenagers eat and eat and eat.....
I drive to pick up eldest teenager from school at 2:15pm taking knitting to do in the car while waiting.

Its a sleeve for a jumper I'm knitting in 4ply and its taking forever, partly because its on 2.75mm needles and partly because I only do five minutes at a time.
Time for a cup of tea and then more housework before out again (with knitting!) to pick up youngest teenager from train. More tea and chat before starting dinner.
I always make two meals on Wednesdays because I work on Thursdays and then have to pick up youngest teenager from an after school activity, the round trip of just under twenty miles taking about one and half hours due to rush hour traffic. So Thursdays is busy and stressful and made bearable by having something to eat all ready made.

Thursdays dinner used the sauce from the slow cooker to make "Hot pot Haggerty". Bolognese sauce layered with sliced cooked potatoes and topped with grated cheese. I can keep this in the fridge over night and then put it in the oven when I get home from work and set it to switch on automatically while I am out. I get back about half an hour before my husband gets home and we want to eat so I just have time to cook some vegetables.

Back to Wednesdays dinner "Anglesey Eggs" which is mashed potato mixed with cooked chopped leeks in a casserole dish with a layer of halved hardboiled eggs on top all covered in cheese sauce and baked for around 30 mins - popular and filling.

Pudding was apple crumble and ice-cream.

After all the washing up, tidying the kitchen and making packed lunches for the next day ther isn't much evening left but I do make time for some knitting. This is my home knitting (too big to do in the car) a top down raglan cardigan which I am knitting too use up left over balls of wool. I am just finishing the first sleeve and it is quite fun to knit but there a lot of ends to deal with as there are so many colour changes.

This has been an interesting exercise, I didn't realise how much my day was taken up with cooking and washing up, how much tea and coffee I drank and also when I don't work on my allottment I get virtually no exercise. I definitely need to plan a long walk and some fresh air this weekend to make up for it.


BurdockBoy said...

I'm glad you played along. It was fun.

At least you had a good day cooking. I ate cereal for lunch. Sheesh. I also skipped washing the dishes that day.

gtr said...

Love the details! I'm facinated by subtle differences "across the pond" - for instance we don't weigh ingredients, we measure them in cups (not by weight). I've spent some time in Wales, so have seen the fun Brit way, too.