Monday, 4 June 2007


For some time it has been a dream of ours to live in a house with a small plot of land/big garden to grow more vegetables, plant a few fruit trees, somewhere with room for a greenhouse and where my husband could keep a few chickens.

Its a big birthday for him this year and as always approaching birthdays make you more aware of the passing of time. I decided that we might be waiting a long time for the right time/place/stage in our lives to do all of these things, so a couple of weeks ago I suggested that for his birthday he might like to have chickens in the back garden.

He has been excitedly visiting lots of "chicken" web-sites and last week we visited the
Domestic Fowl Trust to have a look at chicken coops. Back at home he has spent the weekend walking round the garden wondering where we can squeeze in the smallest of chicken coops. We have decided on a suitable spot and last night he clicked the "add to cart" button and ordered his birthday present of a starter kit and two chickens. This is definitely the most excited he has been about a birthday for years and its not even the big day until August!

The rest of the family are humouring him but actually we are quite excited too.


the flour loft said...

hi, Have just discovered your lovely blog. Oh how i crave for a simple life.. have a busy time on right now but try to keep the essence of low impact simplicity in my life.. now when i need calm and solace i can check back and find inspiration in your posts. thank you.

Jenny said...

Happy chook growing. They are lovely additions to any back yard.

Moonroot said...

Chickens are great - very entertaining as well as the bonus of fresh eggs.
Hope your new girls settle in well!