Sunday, 10 June 2007

Summer gardening

Its been a lovely relaxing weekend. Exams are all over now so life returns to its normal routine.

We spent most of the weekend outside in the garden and at the allotment. Today I harvested broad beans, mange tout, lettuce, redcurrants and potatoes together with a bunch of pinks. The potatoes are the ones I grew in pots on the patio. I planted them about three months ago and put three tubers to a pot. I got just under 3lbs of potatoes from a pot.

Still on the subject of gardening, while in Starbucks on Saturday I picked up one of their free packets of coffee grounds for the garden. According to the label, the grounds have an almost neutral pH and can be put straight on the garden or added to the compost heap. I usually compost my coffee grounds with the rest of my kitchen waste but I decided to sprinkle these straight on to the soil. I seem to be overrun with slugs at the moment and I'm hoping that they don't like the taste or texture of coffee. I hope they don't absorb any caffeine though, the last thing I need is hyperactive slugs!


Jenny said...

What a pretty picture, all those lovely shades of pinks as well as those beautiful pinks, I can smell them from here.

the flour loft said...

What a lovely harvest! I would so love an allotment one day. My sister is in her first year of growing on hers and is very excited. Thanks for your lovely comment.