Sunday, 17 June 2007

New knitting project

This arrived in the post last week.

Its is Corriedale Pencil Roving from Crown Mountain Farms. It is very,very soft and a beautiful mix of my favourite browns and rusts - the colour is "chocolate bar" and it is actually darker and richer than the photo shows.

Although I haven't quite finished my shawl and I have a jumper that needs a tiny bit of sewing to finish, I couldn't resist starting to spin this straight away. This is the first time I've spun commercial roving and I am really pleased with the results so far. Its very easy to spin and its nice not to have to do all the washing and carding first.
I just have one little thought niggling in my head. I ordered it from America. Here I am, trying to reduce the amount of energy I use, buying local foods etc and then I order wool from half-way round the world and it is flown over here! I didn't even consider this when I ordered, I had read nice comments about Crown Mountain farms, I liked the products and I ordered without thinking. I'm telling myself that I only ordered 8oz so it wouldn't have made a lot of difference to the fuel consumption of the plane but I suppose I should really be looking for a similar product closer to home.


tash said...

I may be able to help, I recently found this website - P & M Woolcraft which stocks everything from heavenly bamboo fibres to plain untreated wool. I haven't bought anything from them yet, but as soon as payday rolls around I'm off on a shopping spree! I love their range of natural dyes and mordants too - so much to choose from :)

Hope this has helped!

willow said...

Thanks tash. I've just had a quick look and you are right, lots to choose from.
I wouldn't mind trying to do some natural dyeing so maybe that will be my next project ( even though I've only just started this one!)