Monday, 27 August 2007

Late Summer Bank Holiday

This Bank Holiday we have had perfect summer weather, beautiful warm sunny days. I always feel this weekend is the end of summer so in some ways it seems a bit sad. We have just one more week of school holidays left and then it will be back into the term-time routine of early mornings, packed lunches, PE kits etc. The holidays as always have passed far too quickly.

We have spent the weekend pottering around the house doing odd jobs and tidying up the garden. We ate all our meals outside in the garden making the most of the weather.

I have been cutting back some of the shrubs and perennials, today I gave the privet hedge its last trim for this year, but as most plants are starting to die back, the autumn ones are just starting to flower. I like both the white and pink cyclamen, very delicate and fragile looking with the flowers first and then the leaves later.

In complete contrast to the small, pale cyclamen, I took these photographs of some heather and gorse last week.

The countryside puts on a very colourful end of season display.


Heather said...

Loved the pictures of the flowers -- especially the heather :)

Jenny said...

We are just starting to get some spring colour in our garden. It's lovely to see the heather and gorse together, such a pretty combination of colours. Gorse is a hideous weed over here and although the flowers are pretty we are trained from an early age to hate the stuff.