Saturday, 4 August 2007

On holiday at home

This year, for the first time we have not booked a holiday away. We realised that as the boys grow up they want to spend more time on their own, going for cycle rides or just lying around reading. So after trying for some time to decide where best to rent a cottage that would suit everybody we decided to stay put and holiday from home. My husband has some time off work and we have a few trips planned, with time in between for relaxing at home and some decorating as well.

We have done a couple of walks nearby, on the North Hampshire Downs -"Watership Down" country. Although its only a few miles away from home because the soil is so chalky there is a completely different range of wild flowers.


Tufted Vetch



Today we are enjoying time at home and planning a couple of slightly more adventurous trips for next week.


Simply Authentic said...

This is wonderful! How often do we go on vacation, only to need a vacation from being away from home or work for so long? This is a great way to pause for time but still have relaxation be a part of it.....great choice! I hope the kids enjoy it!

Jenny said...

Great idea especially when you live so close to such a wonderful area. The flowers are lovely, I didn't even know they were wild flowers as we but them in nurseries here.

tash said...

I don't blame you for not going on holiday, sometimes just being at home and having no particular agenda is just as nice! Lovely photos, when in Dorset I was amazed at all of the different wildflowers in the hedgerows, so different to those in Northumberland.

Enjoy your hols :)