Monday, 19 November 2007


We celebrated our wedding anniversary this week - 19 years. Each year I make an anniversary card for my husband. As I can't draw I use photographs or magazine cuttings to make a card that depicts something we have done during the year. Usually its somewhere we have been on holiday but this time I thought we should remember this last year as "the year we got the chickens". Here are two of the photographs I used to make the card.

I would never have imagined, nineteen years ago, that someday I'd be keeping chickens!

Nineteen years isn't a particularly long time but we were talking with the boys about things that are available now that we didn't even think about 19 years ago - mobile phones, DVDs, iPods, X box, Internet, ordering shopping online, booking holidays online, cheap air travel, zillions of TV channels, blogging.

Very few people, nineteen years ago would have worried about peak oil and global warming. I didn't start thinking about fossil fuel use until around eight years ago which was the last time we flew abroad for a holiday. We went to Bali for our honeymoon and I didn't give any thought to the damage that the flight might be doing to the planet.

I wonder what changes we will see in the next nineteen years. How much will the climate have changed? Will there still be fuel available for most people to have cars? Will we still be importing food from far away or will we all have to eat local? On balance I think its just as well we can't see into the future (probably too scary!) but I am sure that there are changes ahead that we haven't even begun to think about yet.


Heather L. said...

Happy Anniversary! I loved the photos you used. I like to make cards from photos as well.
In our day an age, 19 years IS a long time! I find it very heartening to read of couples that are able to stick together for the long haul. I hope you will enjoy very many more happy years!

Denise said...

Happy Anniversary. 19 years is quite an achievement, so many congratulations. Hope you have many happy years to come.

the flour loft said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your husband! 19 years is a real achievement. It's interesting to note how things change and evolve. If you said to me even 2 years ago that my husband would be growing vegetables with me i'd have thought you were joking.. but it has happened and our individual dreams seem to be merging. Maybe we will have chickens too one day!!
Here's to at least 19 more happy years!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!-Simply Authentic

Moonroot said...

Interesting post. I've been feeling guilty about my recent trip to the US, as I had said I wouldn't fly any more...
And Happy Anniversary!

willow said...

Thank you for all the good wishes. I suppose 19 years is quite a long time but it seems to have passed so fast.
Ginny, yes things do change over the years, often so slowly that you don't really realise that its happening, its only when you look back you see the differences. I'm sure neither of us would have predicted chickens or an allottment when we got married!

Moonroot, its tricky thinking about flying. I don't say I'll never fly again because although I know thats what I should say, I love travelling and I'm not sure whether I would stick with it. We've always had the idea that we would take the boys on a "big" holiday when they were teenagers and if we do it, it will be this year. Maybe I will organise something that doesn't require flying on the other hand maybe just one last time?

nĂ  said...

congratulations and happy anniversary to the two of you! times change, but it sounds like you live a very harmonious life in tune with your environment!

tash said...

I'm sorry that it has taken me so long to comment, but Congratulations. 19 years *is* a long time, but it seems you're enjoying married life a lot. As it should be! I am with you on the change in the importance of things - environmental awareness for one. I hope things do get better, for everyone, future generations and the present.

I hope you had a wonderful day :)