Saturday, 3 November 2007

Saturday Morning

This morning I went outside to let the chickens out of their hen house at about quarter to seven. The sky was very pale blue and there were no clouds. During the week at this time I am normally up and busy, sorting packed lunches etc, ready for my husband and youngest son to leave for the train at just after seven. Today though as it was Saturday I wasn't in a rush so I took my early morning mug of tea out to the garden. Its just as well our garden isn't overlooked as I must have looked quite a sight wearing a dressing gown and wellies!

It was lovely just to sit quietly for a few minutes and listen to the birds and look at the garden. The weather was very still, no wind at all and so it made a very peaceful start to the day.

Within half an hour I was busy again, the washing machine whirring, a batch of bread started and the household waking up but somehow the calm of the slow start to the day seemed to stay with me. I don't expect to be wandering around the garden first thing every day but maybe taking a bit of time to be quiet and still at the start of the day would have the same effect.


Simply Authentic said...

It sounds absolutely wonderful! I too had to get outside for some nature sounds and moments today. It always soothes the soul so I'm glad you could start your day that way today. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead of you!

Jane said...

I came here via The Flour Loft - I too find that having a calm oasis in the day, be it a coffee in the cold watching the mist rise or lighting candles as dusk falls, carries over into everything else I do. If I don't get my period of quiet I am as tetchy as a packet of ants.
I am often out in dressing gown and wellies - I've only met anyone once

BurdockBoy said...

Yesterday was the first day for quite some time that I was ale to go for a decent hike out in the woods. I need that more often for solace.

It sunds as though you were able to pick up a moment of that during your busy day. I need to try harder.

tash said...

It is those moments in a day which make the madness bearable - and everything else take their place.

How are the hens doing?

willow said...

Thanks for the comments. I think that many people need a time to be still and quiet during the day and for most of us being outside is important too. Its nice to know I'm not the only one wandering around in the garden before getting dressed.

The chickens are fine. They are still laying each day though chicken bed-time is getting earlier with the dark evenings. I now shut them in for the night just after four thirty and they don't want to come out much before seven. Since you are so much further north, tash, I suppose your chickens have even shorter days at this time of year.