Monday, 31 December 2007

Wet and Windy in Wales.

We're back from our short break around the English/Welsh border and it rained, in fact it started to rain just as we were crossing the Severn Bridge. It was so dull we weren't even sure we could see Wales on the other side!

We had planned to walk across part of the bridge on the cycleway but it was very windy and so we stayed safely tucked up inside the car. After a picnic lunch in the steamed up car, we zig-zagged back and forth between England and Wales exploring the countryside between Chepstow and Ross-on-Wye. Luckily there were opportunities to stop for coffee and hot chocolate to keep us warm.

The next day found us in Hay-on-Wye which is a favourite place of ours. The main attraction is the many bookshops and after much browsing we came away with a few bargains. The weather was mixed but we did get up into the Black Mountains although the only photographs I took were from the car, it was very wet and windy.

Further along the road in the photographs we passed the Youth Hostel that we stayed in back in June. Sadly it is closed down now and there was a "For Sale" sign at the bottom of the drive. It seems sad that a hostel in such a beautiful location was uneconomic and had to be sold. It is a remote area and such a lovely quiet place to stay. It even looks lovely in the rain.

We are back at home now and the Christmas holidays are rapidly coming to an end. There is so much build up to Christmas and then its all over. One more day and then work starts and the day after that, the school term begins - I'm already looking forward to Easter!

Happy New Year.


Heather L. said...

Enjoyed the photos -- especially the last one! How beautiful!

Happy new Year!

Tracy said...

Wonderful views! Welcome home and welcome to a new year...wishing you & yours love, blessings, peace and JOY in 2008! :o)