Thursday, 13 March 2008

March winds

March winds and April showers

bring forth May flowers

Although the storms earlier in the week did not affect us directly, commutes to school and work were disrupted by train cancellations and we did have a little upset in the garden.

The washing line must have been weakened by rust and the strong winds were the final straw snapping the main pole.

Oh dear, more expense, but on balance, drying the washing outside must be cheaper than buying, maintaining and running a tumble drier.

The nursery rhyme may put winds in March and showers in April but we've definitely had both together. The ground is completely water-logged. The chickens seem to love it, they may look very innocent in this photo but just look what they have done to my "lawn"!

I am still waiting for some warmer weather when the grass might grow faster than it gets eaten. Until then I shall try to ignore the muddy patches and look instead at some of the March flowers.


Emma Herian said...

The chicks certainly look happy, shame about the grass. Do they ever eat your flowers?
I would love some chickens, jut need to move!
Your allotment beds look fab, I have not been able to get to mine for a week, missing it terribly. Can't wait to get sowing!

Heather L. said...

I'm so excited that Spring is actually beginning over here! On Wed I caught the first glimpse of bulbs poking up through the ground! Your flowers are beautiful!

barefoot gardener said...

All your beautiful green grass is turning me green with envy!

I tagged you at my blog...

the flour loft said...

Just wanted to say hello....hope you are having a lovely less windy weekend.

willow said...

The chickens do mainly seem to eat the grass but they have a few other favourite plants - they obviously like chives. I don't think they really eat the flowers they just peck at them, they have been removing the individual flowers from hyacinths but strangely only the blue ones!

Glad to hear that spring is catching up with you now - your tulips will soon be flowering.

Yes, I can see that any grass even muddy grass looks good when you still have snow and ice.

Hello, well it is less windy but it is absolutely pouring with rain and the ground is so waterlogged, I imagine its the same with you. A good day for staying inside, baking a cake and catching up on some knitting.