Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Spinach, salad and rhubarb

Today has been a cold but sunny day, just right for catching up with all the washing and then this afternoon spending some time at the allotment. As colder weather is forecast for the weekend I decided to postpone seed sowing for a while until the soil has had a chance to warm slightly but I did spend some time forking over the bed where the leeks are being harvested and doing some general tidying up.

I have been harvesting leeks throughout the winter but now as the days are lengthening there were some young spinach beet leaves

and some "self sown"lambs lettuce to be picked.

The lambs lettuce is particularly welcome. I have been quite good about not buying imported salad stuff this winter but I miss not having something green to put in sandwiches and I am getting fed up with sprouted seeds!

The fastest growing plant at the moment is the rhubarb.

I didn't pick any today as it could do with growing just a bit more but it won't be long now and then I will feel that it really is spring.


Heather L. said...

I love seeing your plants! It's amazing how much is growing for you already! Someday I would love to plant rhubarb. Yours looks wonderful!

Heather L. said...

Hello -- just writing to say that you can find my hot cross bun recipe by clicking the link in that last blog post, or going directly to

tash said...

Your allotment sounds productive and fruitful, especially the rhubarb - oh how I envy you those! We planted some last year - it grew for a while before disappearing never to be seen again (presumed dead).

I'm trying scarlet kale as both a salad leaf (in its early stage) and a vegetable-proper in the later stage. We're currently running out of window-sill and back-bedroom space as the beans, herbs, leeks, asters and fennel all fight for space!