Friday, 18 April 2008

April gardening

I love this time in the gardening year when everything has started growing. These courgette seedlings are growing in the kitchen where I also have small tomato plants on the windows sill. These will move outside to my mini-greenhouse soon but I'm keeping them inside while we are still getting heavy frosts.

The little greenhouse has been useful for growing a few salad leaves during the winter.

On the lower shelf I now have some very young pepper plants and some broad beans. I have sown these few extra broad beans in pots after something (pigeons?) uprooted all the ones I sowed at the allotment a couple of months ago. I found the plants lying wilted on the surface, they would have been about two inches tall at this stage but didn't seem to have been eaten just pulled out of the soil and left. Perhaps I should net them next year. I will plant out these from the greenhouse soon and hope that they will fare a bit better.

The potatoes that I planted in pots are doing well. I planted these at the end of February. As they have grown I have been covering them with extra compost and now they and the compost have reached the top of the pots.

So all I have to do now is water them and wait (and stop the chickens digging them up first!).

The small plum tree I planted in the front garden last autumn has been in blossom so it looks like I will get a little fruit in its first year.

No pictures of the allotment this time. It is quite an exposed site and things have been slow to start this year. I'm sure once the weather warms up everything, including the weeds will be growing quickly.


Heather L. said...

I hope to get out in our garden this weekend. I need to pull out a bunch of horrible wood chips and then my husband is going to begin to dig up the side of the house for plants. I think it will be mostly for perennials and some bushes but I'll definately be planting pots with lots of herbs for the kitchen!

Anonymous said...
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Simply Authentic said...

New starts are so exciting! Glad you have been able to see the fruits of your initial laobr. Hopefully the new starts will do better at the allotment...that did sound strange. Hope you have a fulfilling week ahead!

VintagePretty said...

Our broad beans got uprooted too - it was definitely pigeons and collared doves in our case. Your pots look like they'll be overflowing in a month's time. I hope it's a slightly better Summer than last time.