Friday, 4 April 2008

Spring sunshine

Today was the last day of term and we have now started the spring break.

The schools finished early so it was a half-day for me and the boys. It was perfect spring weather, warm and sunny. Wet and possibly snowy weather is forecast so I made sure to make the most of the afternoon.

Firstly, lots of washing to peg out on the line,

Then up to the allotment where I picked rhubarb, lambs lettuce, spinach beet and then dug up a few of the remaining leeks.

Back home for a cup of tea and time to take a few photographs of the fresh new green growth in the garden.

Altogether, a very productive afternoon and a good start to the holidays.


Heather L. said...

Such a nice spring post! Enjoyed the picture of the washing on the line. Yesterday, while driving, I noticed a thin red haze on the side of the roads -- the trees and bushes are getting their buds! Yeah! Spring has begun! I think there will be no stopping it now.

Simply Authentic said...

looks wonderful! i too was able to hang out my laundry this weekend--isn't it great to be able to do so again?! hope you are well! enjoy the spring break!

willow said...

Good to hear that you are seeing signs of spring, I know it takes a bit longer to reach you.

simply authentic,
Yes, the warmer weather makes the drying laundry much more pleasant. I actually dry mine outside all year round but at this time of year I enjoy being in the garden pegging it all out whereas in the winter when my fingers hurt from the cold I rush back inside as soon as possible.