Monday, 28 July 2008

Summer soup

Soup is something I don't make much when the weather is warm but watercress soup is an exception as it is quite a light summer soup. I often use American land cress which I have grown on the allotment instead of buying watercress. It is similar to watercress but has a stronger flavour being hotter and more peppery.

I sowed some land cress many years ago and let it go to seed and now I never need to sow it as there are always enough self sown plants around. Each year I make sure to leave a few clumps to go to seed so that I know I will have plants for the following year. In fact, it seems to grow better if left to seed by itself than when I have planted it!

The soup I make is very simple. I saute chopped onions in olive oil. When they are translucent but not browned I add garlic, cubed potatoes and chicken stock (or vegetable stock) and simmer until the potatoes are almost soft. The land cress (a couple of handfuls/litre) is added about five minutes before the end of cooking. Once the potatoes are soft and the land cress is wilted I use a blender to make a smooth soup. I like to have the cress chopped but still visible as green flecks in the finished soup.

We have been having salad for lunch most days recently and so this weekend soup was a welcome change.

2 comments: said...

Mmmm. I'll be trying this one!

Simply Authentic said...

Wow-it looks delicious! I've been eating squash soup lately, as to me it's sort of a year round soup.