Sunday, 20 July 2008


I worked my last day of this term last Friday and now I've got just over six weeks without working. I still get that end of term feeling that I did when I was a child as the weeks seem to stretch out in front of me for ever. Its not quite the same as an adult though, there are all the grown up things that need to be done, all the cooking, washing and cleaning still has to be fitted in but right now at the beginning of the holiday I forget that for a while and just enjoy the thought of all the free time.

I took a notebook and a cup of coffee out into the garden this morning and made a list of all the things I could do.

  • There is always plenty to do at the allotment but I am going to try and tidy up the garden a bit as well.

  • Some of our cushions are looking a bit tired and one cover has actually worn so thin that a hole is developing so that seems like a nice simple knitting project, probably something I could do while watching a film with the boys, we have got together half a dozen DVDs that we've been saving for the summer.

  • I think I might do some spinning as well, I have a lovely Shetland fleece that has been waiting for when I have some spare time so that will be another project - probably for a shawl.

  • Sorting out all the photos from my holiday will take ages as I have so many to sort through.

  • It will be a good opportunity to try out a few new recipes since I won't be rushing about so much.

Thats about as far as I got with the list so far but I am sure I will think of lots more to do as well as just spending time with the boys.

Today I spent most of the day outside. I picked my lavender and will put it in the shed to dry. I will also pick some sage to dry in the same way so that I can make my homemade "talc".

At the allotment I sowed some rocket and red oakleaf lettuce and harvested some sugarsnap peas and some french beans. Every thing needed a good water, the soil is very dry.

Back at home I sowed basil for the kitchen window sill and also some courgette seeds. It is very late to be starting courgettes but now that I have harvested my potatoes in pots I have space for a grow-bag against the wall of the house. I didn't know what to plant this late so thought I'd experiment and see if I could have courgettes a bit later into the autumn. The house wall is west facing and will offer some protection against early frosts. I'll wait and see what happens.

Time now to think about what I will do tomorrow. I'm already enjoying my summer holidays!


Moonroot said...

That photo of the borage flower is the very essence of summer - gorgeous!

And I love your talc recipe. I'm going to try it. Thanks!

Robert said...
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