Friday, 22 August 2008

Late summer

I have just checked the British Airways website and my husbands flight home from America is due to land on time so he will be home for the Bank Holiday weekend. We haven't got anything planned and he will probably very tired but we will be able to spend time in the garden which will do him good after two weeks of meetings!

Two weeks ago when he left it still felt like summer but now it is starting to feel as if the seasons are starting to change.

The crab apples have ripened. I shall be picking some soon though there are plenty and I will leave some on the tree for the birds to eat this autumn.

The shortening of the days is noticeable now and the chickens are roosting earlier. The sun is lower in the sky and more of the garden is shaded. This afternoon the late sun lit up the stems of the ruby chard.

The autumn raspberries are ripe. We don't have very many but there are enough for a late summer treat.

Of all the changes in the garden, for me this flower always marks the start of autumn. The autumn cyclamen, Cyclamen hederifolia comes into flower just as the summer flowers start to fade. This plant self seeded into a clump of Ophiopogon planiscapus : 'Nigrescens' and I really like the contrast of the pink flowers and the black leaves.

I hope the weather stays fine so we can enjoy the late summer sun. Have a good weekend.

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libby said...

Those raspberries look delicious. I always think of the UK when I have raspberries as I had them for the very first time at the British Museum.