Thursday, 4 September 2008


I like to tidy up the garden at this time of year, clearing away all the debris that seems to drift into forgotten corners. However, I was reminded that a few areas of untidiness can be a good idea when I spotted this lizard looking at me through the slats of my much broken compost bin at the allotment. If I had a very clean plastic compost bin I might of missed this.

After a while a second lizard apeared but only one was keen to be photographed. Perhaps because the weather was quite cool this one stayed still and didn't seem to worry that I came quite near. Lizards usually dart quickly out of sight but I watched these for several minutes. I hadn't realised that lizards have such perfect little hands.

I will not be tidying up this bin too much now that I know that it is home to these little creatures. I might not worry so much about tidying up the garden either, after all its not really a mess, its a wildlife habitat!


BurdockBoy said...

What a cute little guy. Do you have many tree frogs?
I spotted a lizard the other day in the woods next to my house. I don't usually see them here.

Simply Authentic said...

Ha! How great--definitely gives us a different way to think of what's "disorderly," no?