Monday, 29 September 2008

Time on my own

Much as I like living in a busy lively household, I do enjoy time on my own. As I only work part time I am fortunate to be at home on my own for some of the week.

These past few months I have missed out on this. Firstly from mid-May there was exam leave for both boys immediately followed by the summer holidays. In September my youngest son returned to school but my eldest was still at home trying to find some work. Last week he managed to find some casual work in a local hotel and conference centre. Today he worked an early morning shift and after driving him to work I returned home just as my husband and youngest son were leaving the house. I spent the next seven hours all by myself. It was bliss, the first occasion I have had time to myself since May 14th!

Some people thrive on hustle and bustle but I find I need quiet time in between to recharge. I didn't do anything special today, washing, ironing, cleaning and as it was such a nice day some gardening but it was very pleasant not to have to work around other peoples timetables. It sounds very selfish doesn't it? but I did enjoy it.

Continuing on a quiet theme, yesterday was a beautiful calm sunny day. Determined to make the most of this unseasonable weather, we went for a walk by the canal. It was very peaceful and the water was very calm giving perfect reflections.

The trees are just starting to turn here.


libby said...

Sounds like a lovely day. I too like my own company and the peace and quiet it brings.


Heather L. said...

What beautiful pictures from the canal! I enjoy time on my own too. I had an hour tonight and took a walk down into our woods -- similar in a way to the canal picture. So lovely to be outside and by myself and surrounded by loveliness.

Simply Authentic said...

So beautiful. How wonderful to have this so near to you. It sounds as though the quiet time is good--I think we all need moments of solitude to recharge and relax in order to continue giving of ourselves. It's the natural give and take.