Thursday, 2 October 2008

Changing times

As the autumn days pass there are small changes in the colour of the leaves on the trees, a reduction in the number of hours of daylight and cooler temperatures, especially during the night and in the early morning. Each individual change is small, sometimes barely noticeable from one day to the next, but they all add together to make the big change from one season to the next.

I think this mirrors the way changes often occur at different stages in our lives. Sometimes change is very definite and marked, getting married, having a child or losing a loved one. Then it is easy to pinpoint the moment of change. Many changes though happen very gradually and although the difference from day to day is small, after a while it becomes apparent that a shift in the pattern of life has occurred.

We are going through a series a small changes here, which in the future when I look back, I think I will see as part of a larger change. Family life is a mixture of the personalities and activities of all the individual members and as time passes the balance within the family group is altered.

Now that our eldest son has a job, the hours that he spends at home are different from the regular hours of the school day. No longer having to cope with homework and study, he spends more time with friends away from home.

My husbands job also entails more time away from home, often abroad and so the routine of family life is less structured and has to become more flexible.

Each individual change has a small effect on our routines but all put together the pattern of our time together has changed even when compared to just a year ago.

Going through a period of change always involves looking forward as well as back and this is where I find myself this autumn. As family members spend more time on their own, away from the family, I wonder how my role will change over the coming years. Since having the children I have either not worked or worked part time. I wonder what I will do now or in a year or two, continue part time or work longer hours? stay in my current job or consider doing something else?

The changing season seems to have brought up lots of questions this year. No answers or ideas yet, just lots of thoughts and questions flitting through my mind.


Heather L. said...

I enjoyed your post today, especially since I was just out on a walk taking very similar pictures :) and thinking of analogies between nature and life too. :) I do hope that the next season in your life transitions smoothly and that you will easily find what will be best as far as job, etc. in the years ahead.

Simply Authentic said...

Lots of questions, but I'm sure the answers will rise from your soul over time. The little changes are often just as impacting as the larger ones, and I think it's always a major transition when one's dependents become more and more independent. I'm glad to hear that your son has found a job. I will send good wishes toward your own decision in regards to your job as well. May you have a wonderful week!