Friday, 14 November 2008

A day in my life

This months "day in my life" seems to have come round very quickly. Today was a very ordinary day but then that was really the point of this project - to create a record of normal, routine, ordinary days rather than just noting the important dates and occasions which we tend to remember.

Friday is a work day for me and so it was the usual routine, alarm at 6:15am, a cup of tea, then packed lunches to make, soup to reheat to take to work in a flask, chickens to be let out, washing to be hung on the line, dinner to be put in the slow cooker .... sometimes I feel as if I've done a days work before I even leave!

Work was busy but not rushed and by half past three I was home again. There was a lovely smell of lamb casserole when I opened the front door which was very welcoming. The best thing about a meal from the slow cooker is that I don't have to do anything when I get home and I was able to sit down and chat with the boys while knitting.

This is the knitting that is taxing me at the moment. I have an idea in my head of a long skinny jumper to wear with jeans but what I am knitting is not matching up with the picture in my head. I have redone the neck twice and now I've decided that I don't like the ribbing and it might be better looser with some sort of hem. I do like the narrow edging to the neck though

and I'm quite pleased with the stranded colour knitting,

I just haven't got the rest of it right yet. Sometimes knitting just goes right and it turns out as I imagine it, yet another time it just doesn't seem to happen - perhaps I should stop for a while and knit another pair of socks!

After much tea, chat and knitting it was time for dinner, a half shoulder of lamb cooked with potatoes carrots and kidney beans. Lamb seems particularly good cooked slowly, it becomes really tender and just slips of the bone.

Now in the evening I am drinking Rooibos Tea and writing this post. My husband and the boys are watching TV downstairs and I am enjoying some solitary time with the computer.

I'll end with this photo which I took a few hours ago just so I have a record of the wonderful colour of this amaryllis.


libby said...

Sounds like a great day - even if you had to go to work. That jumper is gorgeous. I'm still struggling to make a scarf that isn't wonky :-).


Simply Authentic said...

Wow, that really was a productive morning, and I LOVE the jumper. I am always so impressed with your knitting ability. I think the neckline on this is great as is and the color really is incredible. Great job!

Heather L. said...

You do do a lot before you leave for work! :) The lamb sounds so nice. My sister has started trying to buy sweaters at thrift stores and take them apart for the yarn! Apparently it is a thriving business on the internet. Very interesting. Perhaps that's why I couldn't find many sweaters when I went thrifting! :)

ginny said...

You do a lot first thing. It is always my aim but as i am often late to bed i tend to oversleep. I think i have got in the wrong way round... when i do get up early and achive lots it always feels great.
I love your amaryllis. My mum always has them.. they are so dramatic aren't they? hope all is well with you.
Would still love to meet up with you properly sometime soon Willow..what do you think? maybe the new year would be good as i will have finished the new book.
Hope the rest of your week is good.
with love
Ginny xx