Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Winter sunshine

Its been almost two weeks since I last posted. We are all fine, we have just been without the computer for most of that time. What was supposed to be a simple upgrade seemed to create more problems than it solved but I think we are all back to normal now. I am just very grateful that my husband is able to work these things out, I would have no idea where to start with computers.

We have had some cold weather lately and the transition from autumn to winter is now complete. The cold weather has brought clear blue skies and bright winter sunshine. The sunlight always seems more precious at this time of year, not only do we see it less often but somehow it seems more fragile, low in the sky casting long shadows.

At this time of year I always feel like hibernating. I find it increasingly difficult to get up in the dark mornings and there is a definite fall in my energy levels. I think this is a natural response of our bodies to the shorter, darker, colder days. For most of human existence there would have been a lot less activity in the winter months and people would have stayed inside for safety and warmth.

It is a downside of our busy lifestyles in the 21st Century that we don't have the luxury of slowing down anymore. Working hours are the same all year round and when it gets dark we just switch on a light and keep going.

Perhaps as fuel prices increase and fuel shortages kick in we may return to more seasonal living making use of the natural hours of daylight for our activities and finding time to rest in the darkness.

One thing which works for me when I find myself suffering from the "winter blues" is time spent outside, so while I like to curl up inside on damp grey days, if a sunny days coincides with a non-work day, I'll use any excuse to go for a walk.

Theses photos were taken last week, there is still a lot of light and colour in the countryside when you take time to look at the details.

I spotted these emerging celandine plants amongst the fallen oak leaves. Celandines are such cheerful spring flowers but I've never seen their leaves this early, a reminder that even as we shiver through winter, spring is on its way.


Heather L. said...

Enjoyed your lovely photos! I haven't been out walking for about 10 days or so. We had a cold spell with temperatures hovering at freezing. While on the exercise bike the other day, though, I saw two deer prance through the trees behind my neighbor's house, so that was fun.

Candyce said...

Lovely photos--really nice.

I agree with you that our modern life does not allow us to go with the seasons. Once in awhile I have a day I can and that is the best day ever.

Simply Authentic said...

Always enjoy the photos. I think fairly often about how far from the natural rhythms we truly are, your thoughts on that are so right on. Glad to hear your computer issues are sorted out! A winters walk is always great for clearing the cobwebs out ofthe mind. Enjoy the coming weekend!