Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Not fireworks

No fireworks for us tonight although I can hear some in the neighbourhood. We must be getting very boring in our old age because not only are we not marking bonfire night, we completely ignored Halloween as well!

When the boys were little we always had a few sparklers on 5th November and went to the school bonfire but we have never really celebrated Halloween. I think it has only become very popular over the last few years and the boys have never shown much interest.

So as I have no seasonal pictures of bonfires, fireworks or pumpkins, I am posting photographs which are a bit firework-like!

I took these (and loads more, it proved quite addictive) from the car as we were driving one evening. I was a passenger by the way! I turned the flash off on the camera and then photographed lights while moving the camera. These are a mixture of street lights, car headlamps and brake lights.

It was good fun to experiment with different effects and light levels, perhaps not quite as much fun as real fireworks though.


Heather L. said...

I totally forgot about the Guy this year, until my sister mentioned that her husband was invited downtown to celebrate Guy Fawkes with a Brit student in town!

the flour loft said...

oh i love these Willow... the last one is like a ribbon dance. I can imagine how adictive it was to shoot these. No fieworks for us either and we are debating wether to go on Sat to a local display and brave the rain which is forecast.
ginny xx

BurdockBoy said...

It seems as though here in the states Halloween has been hijacked by the candy industry. I don't think I've ever seen people celebrating with fireworks.

Oh, cool pictures by the way.

Simply Authentic said...

Those are such neat photos!