Saturday, 24 January 2009

Brighter days

Rhubarb just starting to grow again

There always comes a day around about this time of year when I "feel" that spring is not too far away.  Saturday was a bright day that seemed to have so much more energy than the recent grey days.

The sun is now high enough in the sky to shine into our garden.  We live in a modern house built (as most new houses are) very close to other houses and in mid-winter we get no sun in the garden as it is completely shaded by the surrounding houses.  As the hours of daylight increase we get more sunshine, until at last the sun is high enough in the sky to shine over the surrounding houses and into the garden. Today in the middle of the day, there was a small patch of sunlight on the patio.  We have a garden bench placed in this sunny spot and I took a cup of coffee outside to enjoy the return of the sun.  I was soon joined by two chickens who seemed to be enjoying its gentle warmth as well.

I don't have anything in flower yet in the garden, the shade makes it a cold spot, but with the birds singing and the sunshine spring must be on its way.

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sweetmyrtle said...

Hi Willow,
I now have a lovely picture in my head of you sitting in the garden with 'sage and onion'. I love this time of year when tiny green shoots start emerging. I have noticed some bulbs peeking out but must check my rhubarb.
I would still love to meet up but I am working all hours at the moment, so maybe in March if you are still up for it?
Have a lovely Sunday.
with love
Ginny x