Wednesday, 28 January 2009

A little knitting

I finished knitting these fingerless mitts at Christmas but keep forgetting to photograph them.  They are starting to look a bit scruffy, I must have worn them almost every day.

I have been a big fan of fingerless gloves but I've not worn mittens since I was about eight!  I love these though, great for when I am out with my camera, my fingers are free to hold the camera and then when I put it away I find myself curling my fingers up tightly inside the mitts just like when I was a small girl!

The yarn is a Regia sock yarn, Kaffe Fassett Mirage in Earth and I used just one ball.  Its 75% wool 25% nylon which is warm as well as hard wearing and the colours are a nice mixture of browns, olive greens and bright blues.   

These were a quick easy knit and good value too at £3.65 for a pair of mitts.


Heather L. said...

I would like to try a pair of fingerless mitts sometime. I have a pair a friend from Shetland gave me and have been wearing them all winter as I seem to have lost my regular gloves. It'd be nice to make another pair.

I have nothing on my needles right now and it feels very strange. I must pick up some yarn from my sister and get another project going. In the mean time I'm doing a lot of hand sewing.


They're lovely, well done! I got a pair of fingerless mittens in the hebrides last summer. they really are most practical and make me happy too! :)

enjoy yours!

have a good day