Wednesday, 14 January 2009

A day in my life

Its the 14th and time for "a day in my life".  This month there are over thirty of us joining in with this project which is coordinated by Jenny.  Its interesting to read accounts of the daily routines of lives across the world in different seasons and time zones, lots of differences but many similarities as well. The complete list of this months participants are in this post of Jenny's.

I was awoken this morning at 6:15am by two alarms.  My husband has been away this week and when I am on my own I always worry that I will sleep through the alarm and we will all be late, so I set the one on my phone as well.  They went off a couple of minutes apart on opposite sides of the bed thus ensuring that I actually had to move to switch them off.  I know I've said before how much I hate getting up in the dark and January is the month with the darkest mornings.  Still each morning does get a little lighter even if it will be at least another couple of months before I can get up in daylight.

Straight into the morning routine making porridge, making packed lunches, waking my son and drinking coffee.  It was dark, freezing cold and foggy when I drove my son to the station just after seven but by the time I returned home the sky was just starting to lighten.

Wednesday is usually a home day for me but this week I have been asked to work two extra days and today was one of them.  I heated some of yesterdays parsnip soup to take in a flask for my lunch, and then rushed through the morning chores, washing up the breakfast things, making the bed, letting the chickens out and giving them fresh water.

Work was busy and passed quickly enough.  I finished by two o'clock and so I was home in tome to take my eldest son to work. Once I had dropped him off and returned home, I had just under an hour free until I had to pick up my youngest son and ignoring all the things I had to do, I decided to go out for a walk.  It was foggy and cold but still nice to be outside in the fresh air.

The only photos I have for today are from that walk.  As I walked along the lane I noticed lots of little animal paths and tracks up and down the banks on each side.  I wonder what animals regularly pass this way wearing these definite paths,  possibly badgers, or a fox or deer?

This isn't a very good photograph because the light was poor but this is the first celandine I have seen this year - spring must be on its way.

The light faded early today as I made my way home.  A quick trip to the station to pick my son up and then back home to cook dinner.

Dinner today was pasta, penne with a tomato and red lentil sauce, topped with cheese sauce and baked in the oven, followed by fruit crumble.

This evening I have made the packed lunches, chatted to my parents on the phone and written this post.  My son is getting a lift home from work tonight so its a welcome chance to have an early night - perhaps I won't find it so hard to get up tomorrow!




Compostwoman said...

Well the path looks like a Badger path to me...


willow said...

I wondered if it might be badgers. There are a few small wooded areas around here which would suit badgers but I've not seen a badger's sett

Jan said...

What a nice place to take a walk. Thanks for sharing your day.

Heather L. said...

How exciting to find a flower on your walk!!! Not so here -- where it is currently below 0 (F). However, we are finding out that we can actually live at 62/64 F since yesterday the furnace was having trouble getting those last few degrees to 68. :)

One of these days I will have to join you in "day in my life" since I enjoy them so much.