Tuesday, 14 April 2009

A day in my life

Tuesday 14th April

This month the 14th falls on the first day after the four day holiday weekend so it was back to work for my husband and eldest son, only two of us on school holidays these days.

I was up to drive my son to work for 7am and then back for one of my favourite parts of the day, a few minutes of coffee and computer time. 

Our computer and the internet cable for the laptop are in what used to be our spare room.  Several years ago we decided that as we rarely have anyone to stay, having a dedicated spare room was not a good use of space.  We replaced the bed with a sofa bed and brought in a folding table and chairs.  Its now a busy well used room as we queue for our turns for the internet!  We have only one room downstairs so it good to have somewhere to sit away from the television. 

It faces east so is bright and sunny in the morning. The windowsill is full of geranium cuttings which I took at the end of last summer and will plant out in the garden at the end of May once we are past the chance of frost.

Once the washing machine had finished I went out into the garden to hang the washing out.  I got a bit distracted taking photos of the daises in the lawn.

Next it was a trip out with my youngest son who wanted to buy some clothes.  Back home for a sandwich lunch.  The mixed salad leaves I planted are just about big enough to start harvesting.

I am enjoying being able to grow a few salads in the garden again now that the chickens are restricted to half of the garden. 

After lunch I started to make some bolognese sauce ready to make lasagne for dinner.  I like to give it a long simmering time on a very low heat.  To make the meat go further I add red lentils and the long slow cooking means that they disintegrate and are not noticeable!

I picked my son up from work at 3pm and after bringing him home I turned round and went back out, this time to the allotment. It was weeding and watering today, everything is starting to grow now. 

I love these wild pansies which self seed all over my plot.  I make sure that I weed round them and today there were loads in flower.  There are plots on our allotments that do not have a single weed, I'm not sure what those plot-holders think about the plants I allow to flower on mine, wild pansies and forget-me-nots at the moment soon to be followed by foxgloves, californian poppies and aquilegia. Its good for encouraging insects as well as looking prettier.

Back home to take the washing in, make dinner, eat dinner, clear up and shut the chickens up for the night.  Now the boys are downstairs watching CSI and my husband and I are upstairs using the computers.  Definitely a good idea making the second bedroom into a family room.


Heather L. said...

Your geranium window is so pretty! And your salad leaves definately make me want to eat them! I'm getting more excited about putting in rasied beds. I've just got to come up with the total cost and then see how many we can put in -- I'm thinking 4 gardens of 4 ft by 4 ft. We'll see. Maybe only 2 of those.

libby said...

As always I loved reading about your day (I forgot the 14th so did my day on the 15th). I think it's great to have flowers through your plot - definitely prettier to look at.