Monday, 6 April 2009

Early morning at my allotment

At this time of year, my favourite time of day to go to the allotment is the early morning.  The dew is still on the grass and everything looks really fresh in the slanting sunlight.

Although many of the seeds I've sown this year are still at the small two leaf stage, the permanent plants are growing well in the warmth and sunshine.

Although the flowers of the fruit bushes and plants are not as showy as "garden flowers",  close up they are very beautiful and delicate (click to enlarge).



Alpine strawberry

I have been forking over the soil and adding some compost from the compost bin, all the while being closely watched by this very tame robin.

He seemed to find plenty to eat and flew off with his beak full of wriggly snacks.

I took home something for us to eat too.  I am harvesting the last of the parsnips and leeks, the lambs lettuce is doing well and although I don't have much yet, I picked just a few stalks of the first rhubarb of the season.

We have been eating some bottled rhubarb during the winter but the first taste of the fresh spring rhubarb is always the best!


Denise said...

Ooh lovely rhubarb - crumble, tart, stewed with honey and ginger, what's your favourite? I like cold stewed rhubarb with Greek yoghurt best. Lucky you

Heather L. said...

What a sweet robin!!! I need to start harvesting my rhubarb, I think. It looks like it is growing a huge flower and so I need to go cut that off. I'm told that I won't get a very big crop this year as it is the first year after planting. My stalks are not so red, which is disappointing.

I'm hoping we can put in some raised beds out back this spring! Maybe I can join the world of those who grown veggies. :)

willow said...

Yes, definitely rhubarb and greek yoghurt is my favourite too though with three large men in the family I find crumbles are appreciated more!

My rhubarb seemed to take a couple of seasons to get going so yu are right, there might be slim pickings this first year. They are quite heavy feeders so plenty of compost helps.
The robin is so tame, coming as close as 12 to 15 inches when I'm working.