Friday, 10 April 2009

A good rainy day

We've had a couple of weeks of lovely dry sunny spring weather.  I have been busy in the garden and at the allotment tidying up and sowing the first seeds.  The warm bright weather has tempted me out for a couple of walks.  In my eagerness to spend so much time outside, the house has been neglected.  The basic stuff has been done, cooking, washing and a quick tidy up but all rather rushed so I can spend time outside.  

A few days ago I began wishing for a rainy day both to do the garden good and also to make me stay inside and catch up on the housework.  My wish came true yesterday and today - perfect rainy days.  Nice gentle rain to water small seedlings without flattening them into the earth, rain to dampen and to darken the colour of the bare earth and make the fresh green of the new leaves appear even more vibrant and rain to make me want to stay inside and do some housework.

Without the distraction of the sunshine, I have accomplished much more inside.  I've caught up with paperwork, I'm working my way down the mending pile and I've even started some spring cleaning, clearing everything out of the kitchen cupboards and giving it all a thorough clean.

I'm feeling very pleased with my efforts but two days seems long enough to work inside so I'd now like the rain to stop and the sun to shine so that I can go back outside, please!!

Have a Happy Easter, lets hope the sun shines.

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Heather L. said...

Such beautiful and refreshing rain pictures!!! We are hoping for a sunny Easter too. It's overcast today and we've had plenty of rain this week. My sister can't get the soil delivered for her veg garden as they've not had a chance to sift it yet because of all the rain.