Wednesday, 16 September 2009


I love collecting conkers. There are horse chestnut trees planted in our local station car park and this afternoon while waiting to meet the train I enjoyed rummaging in the undergrowth finding a few conkers.

I like prising open the shell and seeing a fresh shiny conker or two. I collected a couple of handfuls to admire for a few days. When they lose their sheen and start to dry out I will be using them as moth deterrents replacing last years conkers with these fresh new ones.

Opinions are divided as to whether they really work as a deterrent or if its just a nice tradition but has no real effect. I don't mind really, I've been putting conkers in amongst my woollen jumpers and cardigans for years now and even if it has no benefit at all, it can't do any harm can it.


Simply Authentic said...

Ha! These are great! We had these fall off the trees lining the road next to the apartment I lived in that year in downtown Portland. Unfortunately they frequently fell ON the cars causing dents, but it definitely was fun rummaging around collecting them for fall decor for my place!

Heather L. said...

they are so beautiful! i loved collecting them in our red wagon when I was a child. I haven't seen any around here -- but my kids would LOVE them if I did.

nadia said...

I didn't know about the moth deterrent idea. That sounds fab! I shall give it a try too, as it will give me something to do with the conkers I pick up and a good excuse to gather lots :)

Have fun squirelling around,