Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Settling down

The last week or so has been a busy and emotional time with our eldest leaving home for university at the weekend. The week before was filled with shopping, packing and going out with his friends and then on Saturday everything was packed into the car and off we went.

When we arrived, the whole campus was swarming with people all unloading cars and carrying boxes of stuff into flats. It was busy but well organised and with four of us to help, he soon had everything in his room. After a trip to the supermarket to stock his kitchen cupboard, we had a walk around the campus and then left him to his unpacking.

Such an empty feeling, driving away and leaving him. It was very quiet in the car and we decided to stop for a coffee almost immediately. Somehow we needed to pause for a moment before driving home.

He has been away for a few days now and we have had enthusiastic phone calls, all is going well.

It feels strange to think that he now lives away from us but with mobile phones and email its easy to keep in touch and of course knowing that he is enjoying himself makes it all that much easier.

The photographs were taken on my walk on Sunday, lovely quiet late summer weather, perfect for a slow thoughtful walk.


pebbledash said...

I can imagine this must be a bittersweet time. I love that last photo with the butterfly. Very autumnal.

The syders said...

Lovely post and your son will have a fantastic time living on campus!

Mrs J said...

We know that this is 'their time' but it doesn't stop the heart strings twanging!Actually I feel a little shame faced -it must have been harder for my Mum & Dad -no mobile phones & quick texts or emails then!

Fr. Peter Doodes said...

We both felt the same when our one son went to university. The house suddenly became very quiet and we both missed the sudden lack of need to tidy everything!

It was a time when we all moved on, but it still took a while to get used to it...

willow said...

Thanks for commenting. Its been a week now, all is still going well and we are all settling down into this new phase in our lives.